We recommend that from the day that your new carpet is installed that you being to protect it. Taking good care of your carpets is not expensive. Prevent residue build up, pass the vacuum often, clean up spills right away, and once every 2 weeks clean your carpet thoroughly. A carpet that you care for will serve you better and add luxurious beauty, warmth and comfort to your home. No carpet will last forever, but you can extend the life of a good carpet with regular maintenance combined with some extra love and care.

The most crucial treatment you can do to your carpet daily is to light vacuum it daily. Busier areas of the house will require a more frequent vacuuming. A light vacuuming tends to be 3 passes and an heavier vacuuming session is roughly 7 passes.

Carpet Cleaning Montreal Carpet protection

You can certainly improve the overall health and environment of your home if you take good care of your carpets:

1) Don’t wear shoes on your carpet (especially outdoor shoes) as the treads abrade and scuff the carpet filaments more than wearing socks or soft soled slippers.

2) Don’t consume foodstuffs over carpet. Food crumbs and beverage drippings not only increase the soiling residue rate but also provide food for biological contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and mold. Warn your kids even before the carpets are installed. No eating on the carpets.

3) Don’t permit house pets to excrete body waste on your carpet. Stains from pets can permanently damaged the dye used in your carpet notwithstanding the offensive odors associated with such stains.

4) Vacuumed your carpet as often as possible to remove abrasive soils and other debris that accumulates.

5) Have your carpet professionally cleaned by a properly trained carpet cleaning Montreal technician on a regular basis. As a general rule of thumb professional carpet cleaning should be performed at least once per year (more often if you have kids or pets).

Remember: carpet, like clothing, is a textile product that requires proper care. Abusing it will cause permanent, visible damage.