There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to breathe new life into your home. And while painting is usually cheaper than renovating, the final result can be just as dramatic – especially when completed using the right colors, technique and creative flair.

DIY can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget and know your way around drop sheets and paint rollers. But if you’re serious about quality, or your job is on the tricky side (i.e. ceiling painting, exterior painting), a professional painter is worth the investment.

Whether you’re keen to update your home before putting it on the market, or think your living room needs a freshen up.

Painters Montreal Living Room Paint Job

There are a few important decisions you need to make before you start comparing quotes:

  • What type of finish do you want?

Matte, low sheen and gloss are available and each offer a unique look and character. What is most important to keep in mind is that everyone type of area has its specific type of paint. Example: Your washrooms and Kitchen are high humidity areas so they would requires a specific type of paint that is able to withstand a higher humidity. Where as in your bedrooms, you can use the usual type of paints as it is less humid in rooms. We have learned this the hard way by not applying the proper paint in our washroom, the paint started developing bubbles and when dried it began to crack.

  • What colour do you want?

Pinterest and other home interior blogs are a great source of inspiration if you are still deciding on color. You can also go to your local Hardware store or Paint Store and ask them to look at their color wheel samples. Some brands even have samples for customers to take at home to have an idea of what color would be nice.

Often, the aim is to make your home look as bright, airy and spacious as possible so pale colours are always a safe option.

If you require professional help, color consultation services are usually offered by local Painters Montreal.

  • Are you painting doors, windows and skirting boards?

These areas require special attention and will add to the price of your quote. Depending on the style of your home, using a contrast color for these details can be an attractive aesthetic choice. Most people forget about the windows frames and base boards. This is usually overlooked but it is very crucial to to ensure that they are done at the same time when you are painting your home.

  • Children and Pets?

You have to cater to your children, especially if they are babies . Your pets as well as there will be lots of moving around of furniture and your painter will need sufficient uninterrupted space to get the job done as quickly as possible. We recommend arranging with a family member, grand parents or a good friend to help with watching yours pets and kids at their place during the time that your home is being painted. So this way everything is nice and clean when they return home.