You might not know it but carpet just like any other things in this world has a very fascinating history and there are a lot of people particularly experts would say that carpets were already used by people even before the existence of Christ. They said that the carpet were used for the floors and walls by the people in that era and they also use it as a decoration inside of their homes but commonly, they have a plain style with them since they do not have the technology yet to do carpet designs like what we have in this modern era. Only rich people has a hold of a carpet because it is made by hand therefore, it would take a very long time to make one and with this comes it luxurious quality so it is used by the wealthy people, let’s just say, kings and queens. But today, almost every home in the world has a carpet and we would see it once we enter a house since it is commonly used on the floor and it is already available in a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from.

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The history of carpets 

In 1963, there was a recorded phrase that goes like this “sweep under the carpet”, this phrase means that you should ignore the problem or the issue on hand. Nowadays, you could hear this phrase used by a lot of people all over the world that has the language of English and maybe there are other versions too in other languages.  

In 1949, Archeologist found a carpet that is considered 2,000 years old or more from Siberia and was frozen on ice in the mountains. The carpet was owned by a prince since it was found on his grave and remains and today, it is called as the Pazyryk carpet which is the oldest carpet in the world found by men. 

During 457 B.C, the use of red carpets were portrayed by the play Agamemnon which was created by Aeschylus but today, we could see red carpet everywhere that there is a carpet which means that it is widely used by politicians, celebrities, head of states, VIP’s, company owners, birthday celebrants and many more.  

More about carpet 

Costing $4 Million dollars, the most expensive carpet that came from Persia and was made of very luxurious silk and other costly materials was sold. Don’t ask questions because it was sold at an auction and the buyer prefers to hide himself in secret. I guess he doesn’t want to be robbed with his million dollar silk carpet.  
We all know that a vacuum is used in order to clean the carpet from dust and dirt and it is used by home owners including those professional carpet cleaning companies like Annapolis carpet cleaning to maintain the condition of the carpets but little did you know a janitor in the name of James Sprangler was the one who invented the first every vacuum cleaner in the year 1907 and he named it Hoover.